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china Factory gold pcb board pcb or assembly solutions

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Model No.: quick turn pcb prototype

Product Description

china Factory gold Pcb board PCB or assembly solutions  


Product Description

Since 1998, 19 Year Professional experience Electronics Manufacturing Service ( EMS ) Partner ! We provide PCB, Component, BOM  optimize to Pcba and Pcb Assembly one station service!

              Shen Zhen Golden Weald electronic Co.,ltd , Since 1998, we concentrate on Electronic Manufacturing Service field 20 year, we have rich experience in quick turn pcb prototype, Electronics PCBA Manufacturer ,PCBA Assembly , PCB Assembly manufacturer , china PCBA,PCB Assembly,China PCB Assembly,PCB Assembly in china,PCBA supplier,PCBA manufacturer,PCBA factory,PCB board assembly,Printed circuit board Assembly,PCBA Assembly,PCB PCBA,electronic PCBA,PCBA OEM,PCB Assembly services !


Golden Weald PCB Products:


 Golden Weald PCBA Products: 


Company Information

Welcome to Golden Weald!


         Golden Weald Electronic Co., Limited was found in 2004 who is a professional manufacturer in Electronics Manufacturing Services( Ems ) field for consume electronics Products and Industrial electronic product base in  ShenZhen ,China. With 14 years of development, from a small SMT Company, Golden Weald grows into a first-class manufacturer that could provide PCB,SMT (surface mounting technology) service ,contract manufacturing, electronic OEM/ODM, PCB Assembly, PCBA and AI/SMT/DIP hybrid board production, electronics turnkey Assembly, Consignment Assembly ,PCB board assembly,Printed circuit board Assembly,PCBA Assembly,Pcb Pcba,electronic PCBA,PCBA OEM, quick turn pcb prototype ,PCB Assembly services ,Final Product Assembly as one unit .

        Golden Weald exclusively offers OEM/ODM service to domestic and overseas high technology enterprises and companies.Golden Weald's powerful team of material sourcing, logistics, Quality,Testing and engineering could give our customer the most competitive solutions in electronics fields.

          GoldenWeald was honored as an excellent supplier annually by many well-known companies both at home and abroad, Our business network extends far to Asia, Europe, America and Australia. With the cooperation with customers from Japanese, Germany and other developed countries, we have used international advanced technology and management system. Moreover, we have improved our technology from their high standard and strict quality requirements. The market system of GoldenWeald is increasingly extending and scale of GoldenWeald is expanding.  

PCB Factory Tour :

          At present we mainly produce the high-performance PCB board from 2L-14L and above, they are applicated mainly in consumer electronics, power supply, mechanical apparatus, automobile and others. Our customers are widely distributed in China, Japan, Korea, Europe and America. For the demand of world environment, we have successfully produced the environmental products of OSP (mainly used in Lead Free weld),immersion GOLD, Lead Free HASL,Helogen Free with the efforts of all workers in Digital, we also develop the thin board ,thick copper board,HDI and Aluminum board to meet the challenge in the future. We lead environmental, light, multi- &sophisticated high-performance PCB for purpose in future.


PCB Production Equipment :


PCB Production Line :


Specification about our PCB services:

Number of Layer
1-16 layers
High Tg CCL Is Available
Finish Board Thickness
( 8mil-126mil)
Minimun Core Thickness
Copper Thickness
1/2 oz min; 3 oz max
Min.Trace Width & Line Spacing
Min.Hole Diameter for CNC Driling
Min.Hole Diameter for Punching
Biggest Pabek Sise
Hole Positon
+/-0.075mm(3mil) CNC Driling
Conductor Width(W)
+/-20% of original artwork
Hole Diameter(H)
PTH L:+/-0.075mm(3mil)
Non-PTH L:+/-0.05mm(2mil)
Outline Tolerance
+/-0.125mm(5mil) CNC Routing
+/-0.15mm(6mil) by Punching
Warp & Twist
Insulation Resistance
Test Voltage
Panel Size
Jump Score Is Available
Layer-layer misregistration
4 layers:0.15mm(6mil)max
6 layers:0.25mm(10mil)max
Min.spacing between hole edge to circuity pqttern of an inner layer
Min.spacing between board oulineto circuitry pattern of an inner layer
Board thickness tolerance
4 layers:+/-0.13mm(5mil)
6 layers:+/-0.15mm(6mil)
Impedance Control
20-75 ohm+/-10%
Different Impendance
75-150 ohm+/-10%
Finish Board Surface
HASL,OSP,Au /agimmersion,Au Plating Etc


SMT Factory Tour (SMT Production 1- 6 Line):


       Golden Weald was established in Yue hua Industrial Estate, ShenZhen City, Guang Dong Province, China. GoldenWeald is an important business unit responsible for SMT Assembly, Tooling, Plastic and Systems Assembly, which offering customers a “one-stop-shopping, high-quality, & cost-effective” total solution for electronics products. Golden Weald currently has approximately 500 employees, and the main equipments are listed as below: 

        SMT lines: 6
        Hand-insertion testing lines: 4
        Packaging lines: 2
        Golden Weald believes and insists in continuously pursuing the best quality, conforming to environmental requirements, and constantly enhancing the safety and hygiene of the working environment. It has acquired various certificates in related fields through the years, and in the future it will continue to strengthen its operating performances and to raise customers' satisfaction.

Hand-insertion lines(DIP) and Wave-soldering:


          Through-hole technology, also spelled "thru-hole", refers to the mounting scheme used for electronic components that involves the use of leads on the components that are inserted into holes drilled in printed circuit boards (PCB) and soldered to pads on the opposite side either by manual assembly (hand placement) or by the use of automated insertion mount machines.

          Golden Weald have 4 Hand-insertion  lines with 10  temperaturerange wave-soldering, we can assure your quick turn pcb prototype on board connector and throught hole component best quality.

 Test Production Line:

           All of the PCB PCBA will be test before shipping to our customers,Golden Weald have 4 test line and our precision test equipment will assure your PCBA function work well, you needn't worry about the Final product function issue . Golden Weald'‘s PCBA First Pass Yield (FPY) more than 99.5% assure our customer's quick turn pcb prototype best quality for their products.

         Golden Weald has a state-of-the-art in-house assembly plant to follow projects through every step of the assembly process. We handle all types of pcb assembly, from SMT,basic thru hole to ultra-fine pitch BGAs. Our engineers work with thousands of customers from across all industries that use prototypes and low-volume orders as part of their overall product development process. 


Our Services

Please keep reading the following about our services:

- Pcb Layout Design and Assembly

- Mechanic Sample & Prototype Prepare

- PCB Assembly

- PCBA Assembly

- Electronic Product OEM/ODM

- quick turn pcb prototype

- ID Design

- Mechanic Design

- Packing Design

- Final Product Assembly ......  


Golden Weald Key competitive ability : 

1.  We are a good EMS manufacturer with 20 year professional experience , we only do good quality PCBA products;

2.  We use all the component special the IC Key component with best quality and 100% test standard inspect in IQC before on line ;

3.  We have strong component purchase ability with best quality and competitive price, all of the IC from original Manufacturer, we reject any of the renew IC and Old chipset;

4.  Good quality PCB will insure your product good quality and reliability; you needn't mind the PCB open short issue will cause your whole PCBA danger;

5.  We have our test team with professional test engineer and 100% test the PCBA before packing and shipping;

6.  We use the better ESD bag packing material and K=K carton box insure your PCBA product quality in shipping ;

7.  Others, best subsidiary material Special the soldering tin, we use best Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5 lead free solder master for our customer’s products.

8.  Factory quality control and good project management will insure  your product good quality and short lead time, 80% engineer over 15 year experience in EMS Field;

9.  we offer best quality and competitive price will help you win the good customer and large business .

Golden Weald Key Electronic  parameter Test ability:


       We test all the key component parameter before on line, special the power inductor DCR , ferrite bead DCR ,Tant capacitor ESR, We can assure your product power circuit work well , you needn't worry any of the function issue again, you can also R&D your product quickly without any of the PCBA Assembly problem, you only need to put your whole heart into circuit design and PCB layout. In the R&D phase, You will test your boards very smoothly after receive our PCBA Sample . the mass production is also best quality and needn't worry any of the electronic test problem, our PCBA first pass yield is over 99.5% because we test all the key electronic parameter of important power component .  


 1. Golden weald Professional Electronic component analysis Equipment , We can assure your product power circuit work well .  



 2. Golden weald Power inductor component analysis and test,   TDK SLF7045T-102MR14-PF , the DCR specification is 2.28Ohm; we use the  original TDK inductor, the below test DCR 2.19Ohm is Pass .




 3. Golden weald Tant capacitor  analysis and test, Vishay Sprague P/N 597D687X9010R2T , the ESR specification is 28 mOhm ; we use the original  Vishay Sprague  Tant capacitor, the below test RS: 17.68 mOhm is Pass .




         Golden weald all of the component come from original manufacturer, we nerver use one old chipset and cheaper component for our customers. if your product PCBA quality is most important and not only mind the price , choice Golden Weald, we will help you win your customers. Golden Weald is a professional EMS company with 20 year experience, we have strong component purchase ability with best quality and best price, Hope we can have long relationship for all of our customers in the future.    


Packaging & Shipping


quick turn pcb prototype Package:  

Inner packing: Vacuum Package,bubble pack or ESD bag package,

Outer packing: Standard Carton ( K=K) 

Customize is availble, Print logo and company information .




PCBA Shipping: 



Golden Weald has our own forwarder with long term cooperation, best transportation cost save your money and support you the best service.


china Factory gold pcb board pcb or assembly solutions

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